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Let's Get Ready for the 2018 WRDGA Golf Season

In collaboration with the RDGA, we are going to use the USGA Tournament Management system (also known as Golf Genius)
for WRDGA membership dues and event registration/management. 

The RDGA and most of the clubs under the RDGA umbrella will be also be using this new software package to organize and run their events.
Each club will have their own unique web address called a web portal.

This is a new system for everyone, please be patient as we too are learning as we setup the new portal. 

The changes not only affect the registration site itself, but many of the links on the WRDGA website as well.  So please be patient while we make updates.

Here is a link to the new WRDGA Golf Genius Portal ==>WRDGA Golf Genius Portal    Be sure to bookmark it for future  use.

The actual website address is https://wsrdga-womensrochesterdistrictgolfassoc1.golfgenius.com. Although I doubt you will want to type it in by hand,

use the link provided and save itto your favorites. Note: this site is unique to the WRDGA